What is a cookie ?
A cookie is a small computer file serving as a tracer, deposited and read when consulting a website, regardless of the type of terminal used (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.). Their main purpose is to track the surfing behavior of an Internet user and to collect reading preferences. Only the site issuing a cookie can then read and modify the information contained therein. A cookie has a maximum lifespan of thirteen months.

How do we use them?
We use cookies on the site to measure and analyze the behavior of Internet users in order to establish statistics, essential for the work of improving the website. Cookies allow the use of page sharing services on social networks.

How to manage cookies on your computer?
You can oppose the registration of a cookie, as well as you can individually modify or delete the cookies that have been previously registered at any time, using the settings options of the internet navigation software you use. If you refuse, modify or delete cookies, you will no longer be able to benefit from the functionalities listed above allowed by these cookies.